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Episode 17: How To Use Storytelling In Your Course Launches with Dani Paige

May 12, 2021

Chances are you've heard about the power of storytelling in your content, but maybe your confused about what that really means. I mean, how do you tell a story in an email without ending up with a version of War and Peace that nobody wants to read?!

And what about on your sales page, are you supposed to be adding a story to that?


This week on the podcast I am beyond excited to welcome Dani Paige; storyteller extraordinaire and launch copywriter to unpack what this whole storytelling malarkey is all about.


I loved geeking out on all things copywriting with Dani. Here's what we chatted about in this week's episode:

  • What is story telling when it comes to your copy?
  • Why is it so powerful?
  • How can we use this in our course launches?
  • Where should we use story telling?
  • What are your 3 top tips for story telling in launch copy?

We had a blast and I hope you love this episode as much as I do!


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